Get Fast Repair for Fire Damage in Salem, Indiana

A fire in your home can cause extensive damage, which could get worse without immediate action. It only takes brief exposure to smoke, heat, flames, and water to cause wooden flooring and furniture to need refinishing. Also, the metal components of your house can start to rust and corrode quickly.

At Pro4mance, we understand how devastating it is to lose valuable property and your sense of normalcy to fire damage in Salem, Indiana. That is why we use our experience, equipment, and knowledge to restore your home or business to normal in short order.

In many cases, our rapid response services can mitigate preventable damage such as staining on painted walls or clothing. Pro4mance can send our team within four hours to board up and secure your property. Then, we can move your possessions to our warehouse, where they will get inventoried, cleaned, and stored. Meanwhile, a Pro4mance project manager can work with you and your insurance adjuster.

Let our experienced team ease your burden with insurance to ensure you receive benefits for which you are entitled and restoration progresses smoothly. Contact us at Pro4mance today to receive fast repair for fire damage in Salem, Indiana.

The Importance of Starting Fire Restoration Services Quickly

There is a reason Pro4mance responds so quickly after you have suffered fire damage in Salem, Indiana. Our experts know that your property can become less stable and can begin to decay the longer it sits in a state of disrepair.

Delays in repairs after a house fire can cause dangerous structural issues in a property. Other issues like mold growth, water damage, and embedded soot become more expensive and harder to remedy as time passes. Also, your property is more likely to become a target for theft because it is less secure in the wake of fire damage.

Besides, the restoration process does not need to be a long, drawn-out process with the Pro4mance team. We can work directly with your insurance company. We save you the hassle of haggling with your insurance adjuster over the necessary repair work to include in your claim.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Pro4mance Fire Restoration

1. Project managers trained to handle fire damage in Salem, Indiana.
Every one of our project members comes with the certification, experience, and knowledge to act as your liaison. They can ensure your repairs happen in a timely fashion by coordinating with your adjuster.

2. We protect and preserve your home with fire and smoke restoration.
A fire leaves your home vulnerable to the elements and thieves and full of toxic contaminants. Pro4mance cleans up the mess left behind from fire damage in Salem, Indiana. We board up your property to secure it from burglars. Then, we remove soot, smoke odors, water damage, and any mold growths that threaten to compromise your property and pose health concerns.

3. Tech teams with the experience to make your property safe again.
Oftentimes, well-meaning property owners without proper training expose themselves to health and safety risks in the aftermath of a fire. Pro4mance asks that you not put yourself at further risk if you experience fire damage in Salem, Indiana. Our techs are trained and know to watch out for safety matters like electrical hazards from broken wires or fixtures on wet ceilings. They can also advise you on whether it is safe to keep food, beverages, plants, and other items possibly exposed to flames, smoke, heat, or water.

4. Our experts handle your possessions with care.
The Pro4mance team realizes how traumatizing it is to see a lifetime’s worth of memories go up in smoke. That is why we pack up, inventory, clean, and store as many of your things as possible. We also do our best to salvage your carpeting, upholstery, linens, and clothing through soot and smoke odor removal. It is important to leave salvage work to our experts because the wrong type of cleaning can further embed soot and smoke odor into your belongings.

5. We provide service customers appreciate.
Pro4mance takes pride in receiving customer reviews that often describe us as fast, responsive, helpful, professional, and courteous. We feel it is our responsibility to use our experience, equipment, and knowledge to help our clients deal with emergencies like fire damage in Salem, Indiana. That is why we go to great lengths to restore as much as we can quickly to get the lives of our customers back to normal.

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