Fire Damage in Prospect, KY

The aftermath of a fire is a time of uncertainty and grief. What do we do? How should we go about doing it? These are typical questions for a challenging time, and they need the right answers. Call Pro4mance to give you the clarity you deserve.

Fire damage goes far beyond the initial effects of the fire itself. Heat, water, chemicals, and smoke unite to produce a spectrum of damage and hazards to your home and property. Pro4mance has the knowledge and skill to clean and restore your home correctly. Our professionals recognize the traumatic toll a fire brings and will provide the expert care your home needs.

Call Pro4mance’s experienced team to provide fire restoration in Prospect, Kentucky, at 502-759-7251. No one can predict when a fire will happen, but we can provide you with our help in the aftermath of a fire. Pro4mance wants to help restore your home and peace of mind.

3 Steps to Your Home’s Restoration

1. Be Safe!
Fires can cause unseen structural damage to your home. Do not re-enter the property without proper direction from the fire department. Hazards from both the fire and the process of putting it out can make your home dangerous. If you must re-enter the structure, do so with the fire department’s assistance after the fire has been extinguished.

2. Call Your Insurance Company!
Your insurance company offers frontline support following a fire. They can provide you with a temporary housing solution, and they can get things started on your home’s restoration. Contacting your insurance company also allows you to confirm your coverage, explaining the next actions for you to take based on your policy.

3. Contact Pro4mance for Fire Restoration Services in Prospect, Kentucky!
The longer you wait to begin the process of fire restoration, the greater the damage. The first 24 to 48 hours following a fire are critical for fire restoration service. Our professional service will work with your insurance company and the fire investigator to get you back into your restored home as quickly as possible.

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4 Mistakes to Avoid After Fires

The following four mistakes increase the physical, emotional, and financial cost of the fire:

● Do not consume foods and beverages that were near the fire.
● Do not attempt to clean the ash, soot, and debris inside your house yourself.
● Do not move and lift wet items, as water can significantly increase their weight.
● Do not send clothing to the dry cleaner.

Any of these mistakes will compound the fire’s aftereffects and could delay the restoration process or result in a more significant loss.

Why Prospect, KY, Should Trust Pro4mance for Fire Restoration Services

When fast work is what you need, we are the fastest.
Our service professionals are trained not only to do the job right but also to prevent further damage to your home. Few things can corrupt your house like fire damage. Soot, smoke, heat, and chemicals viciously attack your home. The best way to arrest that damage is to get your home cleaned, cared for, and restored as quickly as possible.

A job for professionals requires a professional response.
Our expert care meets all certification standards of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC is the gold standard in the field of fire restoration. This certification means we have the training, knowledge, and skills to handle your fire restoration needs with professional care and competency. Our project managers are ready to meet your fire restoration needs. Don’t hesitate to contact Pro4mance to get the process started.

When tragedy strikes, you want the best.
Pro4mance uses the best equipment in the industry to ensure that your job is done right and that your restoration is everything you need it to be.

You can trust us for:

● Soot removal
● Soda blasting
● Structural cleaning and repairs
● Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Pro4mance project managers are trained and prepared to meet all of your concerns.

Pro4mance: Qualified, Experienced, and Professional Fire Restoration You Can Trust in Prospect, Kentucky

When a fire takes place, making sure the right things happen next is critical. You can rely on the professionals at Pro4mance to put their best into your restoration project. No one in Prospect, KY, is better suited to help your fire restoration needs from boarding up, inventory, and packing to interior and exterior restoration.

If you need fire restoration services, call Pro4mance today at 502-759-7251 and let us make all the difference for you.

Pro4mance is a full service restoration contractor in Prospect, KY.

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