Fire Damage Restoration in Louisville, KY

Fire Restoration in Louisville, Kentucky

Fire damage wreaks havoc on your property and life. A loss to your possessions and home or business is traumatizing and frightening. The devastating effects that set in immediately when a fire breaks out are insurmountable and do not end once the fire is extinguished.

It’s important to mitigate the effects of fire and smoke damage as soon as possible. Our expert team at Pro4mance will be there within four hours to assess the damage, lessen the destruction, and restore your property as quickly as possible. We have the experience, equipment, and fast action you need in Louisville for harrowing fire and smoke loss.

Bringing peace and safety back to your life and property is difficult in these situations, but our team is there to limit the struggles and burdens as much as possible.

3 Things to Do After Fire and Smoke Damage

#1 – Alert Your Insurance Company

As soon as the fire is extinguished, call your homeowners’ or business insurance provider. You will need to inform them of the loss and ask them what should be immediately addressed. Ask them about the steps to take when securing your property. An insurance claims adjuster will be sent out to assess the damage and determine what will be covered.

You will need to document your valuables, so take as many pictures as you can of all damaged property once you are allowed back in. You will likely need to take pictures throughout the entire process, both before and after restoration, to assist in your claim, but your agent can provide you with detailed instructions.

#2 – Safely Secure Your Property

Wear protective gear:
If the fire company deems it safe to re-enter your home, make sure you are properly protected with protective masks and breathing equipment. You are now dealing with poisonous burned materials.

Protect your valuables:
There may be items you can remove from the home or protect if they are not damaged by smoke or fire. Cover anything valuable near windows or doors with tarps or blankets, remove small valuables and anything containing personal information, and keep undamaged areas of the property closed off from the damaged areas.

Secure the property:
After the fire has been extinguished, most insurance companies require you to secure your property. Your policy will likely not cover damage caused by other people or the elements after the fire occurs. Your agent can let you know what you need to do to safely achieve this.

#3 – Call Our Reputable Team for Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Louisville, KY

Calling our experienced team as soon as you can is imperative to preventing and mitigating additional damage to your property and belongings.

Pro4mance has years of experience and a proven reputation for successful fire and smoke alleviation. You can reach us 24/7 for quick and safe restoration from our trained and certified staff.

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What NOT to do After Fire Damage

When fire and smoke damage happen:

● Do not enter any spaces with structural or fire damage until explicitly instructed to do so.
● Do not turn on any utilities until a professional has deemed it safe to do so.
● Do not try to clean any of the damage yourself.
● Do not wait to call our skilled fire restoration team.

Why Choose Pro4mance for Louisville Fire Damage Restoration?

Prompt Reply
Our Louisville area team is dedicated to the immediate mitigation of your fire and smoke damage emergency. The sooner the damage is addressed, the better your chances are of restoring your property and belongings while reducing expense.

Skilled Technicians
Pro4mance has licensed, IICRC-certified, highly experienced technicians and project managers to restore your fire-damaged home or business.

Cutting-edge Equipment
We at Pro4mance use only the most innovative and state-of-the-art equipment in our restoration of your property. Our superior equipment will bring air quality back to safe levels, remove any harmful smoke odors, and eliminate the ravages of fire damage.

Expert Advice
Pro4mance understands the devastation a fire to a home or business can cause in ways property owners cannot comprehend. We will assess your property and provide you with knowledgeable advice on how to move forward.

Pro4mance is Your Reliable Fire Damage Restoration Company in Louisville, KY

Fire damage is devastating as it is but can cause total loss if not immediately addressed. Even areas not initially affected can be damaged if the situation is not quickly resolved.

Pro4mance is prepared. We will provide prompt fire damage restoration to your property in Louisville. Call us right away at (502) 759-7251.

Pro4mance is a full service restoration contractor in Louisville, KY.

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