Fire Restoration in Lexington, Kentucky

Fire and smoke damage can cause destruction of one’s home or business. The effects of such a tragic event can be devastating and lead to a total loss if not immediately addressed. You deserve nothing less than a quick response to your catastrophe from dedicated and trusted professionals.

Pro4mance has the expert staff and superior equipment to professionally assess and remediate the destruction as soon as possible. Our Lexington team is here to lessen the burden by restoring your property and prevent further loss caused by fire and smoke damage.

3 Things You Need to Do After Fire Damage

#1 – Contact Your Insurance Company

Contact your agent as soon as the fire is extinguished to inform them of the loss and file a claim. From here they will be able to tell you the next steps in the process and how to secure your property once it is safe to re-enter. A claims adjuster will be dispatched by your insurance provider to assess damages and determine what will be covered.

You will also need to document a visual record of your property and possessions for your claim. Your agent will provide you with instructions on how to document everything. Take as many pictures as possible of the damaged property before, during, and after restoration to bolster your claim, and continue conversations with your insurance provider throughout.

#2 – Safely Secure Your Property and Belongings

Wear protective gear:
Only re-enter the property to secure your property and belongings when the fire company allows you to do so. Wear protective masks and breathing equipment because it is dangerous for your health to enter a space with poisonous burned materials.

Protect your valuables:
You will have items of monetary value and priceless possessions that you will want to remove from the property, but only when it is safe to do so. Anything not in the immediate area of the fire and already damaged can be covered with blankets or tarps. Move items away from doors and windows into spaces not damaged by fire and smoke.

Secure the property:
Insurance policies do not generally cover additional damage caused by the elements or other people after a fire. So, once it is safe for you to do so, secure your property and protect it from further harm. Most insurance companies require you to secure the property after the fire has been extinguished.

#3 – Call Our Expert Team for Fire Damage Restoration in Lexington, KY

There’s no time to waste after the fire is extinguished. Call our reputable team to prevent and mitigate additional damage to your property and belongings.

You can get in touch with Pro4mance 24/7 for your fire emergency. We have the experience and reputation you need for fast, safe, reliable restoration in Lexington, no matter the extent of the damage.

After fire and smoke damage happens:

● Do not enter the fire-damaged property until you have been given permission.
● Do not turn on any utilities or electricity until it has been deemed safe to do so.
● Do not attempt to clean any surfaces.
● Do not touch anything with your bare hands.
● Do not hesitate to contact our skilled fire restoration team.

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Why Choose Pro4mance for Lexington Fire Damage Restoration?

Quick Action
The skilled professionals at Pro4mance are highly experienced at swift fire and smoke damage restoration. We know time is of the essence, which is why we will be on the property within four hours, increasing your chances of full restoration at a lesser expense.

Expert Technicians
The technicians at Pro4mance are highly proficient, IICRC-certified professionals with years of experience in fire restoration for your home or business.

Sophisticated Equipment
Pro4mance utilizes specialized, state-of-the-art equipment to expertly restore your property and belongings. From air quality to smoke odors, our team of professionals has the best equipment to eliminate any devastating damage from fire.

Specialized Advice
Once the flames are tamped and the smoke clears, you will not be able to see the extent of the damage that our professional team sees. We have the trained eye and superior equipment to evaluate the damage and advise you on the next steps in restoration.

Pro4mance is the Trusted Fire Damage Restoration Company in Lexington, KY

A fire can ravage your home or business and cause devastation. If not immediately taken care of, it has the potential to cause additional catastrophic loss as smoke odors seep into other areas and structural integrity is further diminished.

Pro4mance is available with prompt attention and affordable restoration to get you back on your feet in Lexington. Call us right away at (859) 533-2671.

Pro4mance is a full service restoration contractor in Lexington, KY.

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