Fire Damage in Jeffersontown, KY

Accidental fires can happen to anyone, even in the charming town of Jeffersontown, Kentucky. The damage caused by a fire can be one of the most traumatizing experiences that a family can experience. We understand this at Pro4mance. That is why we will do everything in our power to help you get your life back to normal.

We have multiple teams ready to respond to the various aspects of post-fire repairs. Our highly trained professionals, who handle everything from cleaning your property to managing construction and repairs, understand the devastation caused by fires. That’s why we approach every situation with empathy.

4 Things to Do After a Fire

1. Until Help Arrives

  • Get your family and yourself to a safe place. Do not enter the building again until the Jeffersontown fire department tells you it is safe.
  • Alert your insurance company. They may be able to find your family temporary housing if needed.

2. Ensure Safety First

  • Make sure you get out of the building and do not enter again until it is safe.
  • Be aware of any electrical hazards in the building and avoid them.
  • Be aware that wet material is heavy; avoid lifting anything you do not have to lift.
  • If you have to enter the building again:
    -Wear protective gear. You must protect yourself from potential injuries caused by broken materials or by soot.
    -Limit your movement as much as possible to stop any soot from spreading or becoming embedded.
    -Don’t forget about your house plants. There’s no need for them to die after a fire. Plants can survive if they were not badly burned and if you clean both sides of their leaves.
  • If the power is out, empty your fridge and freezer. Also, open any doors and windows.
  • If your hands are dirty with soot, refrain as much as you can from touching anything.
  • Place clean fabrics such as towels on upholstery and the floors of high-traffic areas.

3. Alert Your Insurance Company

  • Once out of the building and once you have contacted the Jeffersontown fire department, be sure to alert your insurance company of the fire. They will send out an agent to assess the fire damage.
  • Help out your insurance agent by taking photos of your valuable items during every step of the cleanup process. This will make it easier to assess the damage.

4. Call Pro4mance

  • Last, but not least, call Pro4mance as soon as possible. Bringing in our professional, reputable fire damage restoration team quickly is essential in any fire damage situation.
  • When you call, we will arrive within four hours to board up the house, then move your personal belongings to our warehouse. At our warehouse, your belongings will be inventoried, professionally cleaned, and securely stored. Then, we will use Xactimate, the same software many insurance companies use, to get you an estimation and gauge the scope of your claim.
  • Lastly, your Pro4mance project manager will work with you and your insurance company to bring your family’s life back to normal quickly and efficiently.

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4 Things Not to Do After a Fire

1. DON’T send any clothing to your normal dry cleaner.
○ Normal dry cleaners are not equipped to remove the smell of smoke. Let Pro4mance manage that for you.
2. DON’T use any ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet.
○ Water and electricity are a deadly combination on a normal day. The results may be even worse when the wiring, fixtures, or ceiling have fire damage.
3. DON’T consume any food or drinks stored near the location of the fire, heat, or any water.
○ These items may no longer be safe for consumption.
4. DON’T try to clean any carpets, upholstery, painted surfaces, or walls.
○ Let Pro4mance’s expert team manage all cleaning and restoring for you.

Why Should You Choose Pro4mance?

Swift Response Times
We waste no energy getting to your home. A swift response is essential in mitigating the final damage.

A Qualified Team
Our team of fire damage restoration experts has copious amounts of experience in restoring your property to pre-fire conditions.

Expert Advice
You may have trouble determining which areas require immediate attention. Our experts will work with you to determine where to start and where to go for a complete restoration.

Pro4mance: Dependable Fire Damage Restoration in Jeffersontown, Kentucky

When disaster strikes, a swift, expert, affordable response is essential to restore your home to normal.

Pro4mance provides that essential swift, expert, affordable response. Contact Pro4mance if you need fire damage restoration in Jeffersontown, Kentucky.

Pro4mance is a full service restoration contractor in Jeffersontown.

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