When searching for restoration or home cleaning services online, it can often be challenging knowing which companies truly provide the best service. If you’re not picking a company based off of direct recommendation from a trusted friend or acquaintance, telling the difference between different services can be outright impossible. Even more, it is hard to tell if you can trust the quality of the company. That’s exactly why customers seeking an expert restoration or cleaning company should only select those that are IICRC certified. Learn more about this highly selective certification and why the IICRC is so important, here!

What is the IICRC: IICRC is an acronym that stands for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The certification itself is intended to set a measure of standard among cleaning or restoration companies. The certification was created in 1972 in order to promote health and safety standards among the restoration industry and has been widely used ever since. Currently over 50,000 technicians and 6,000 firms are certified using the IICRC with numbers increasing every day.

How Do You Get IICRC Certified: To get IICRC certified, companies and technicians must undergo a variety of different courses and tests. There are different classes available that cover a range of topics, such as carpet cleaning or repairing mold damage, that technicians have the opportunity to study. In order to be truly qualified to repair a damaged room and restore a property to its former condition, an IICRC certified technician must closely study all of these different aspects to ensure that they do a job that is of a professional quality. Every year, technicians must stay updated on the best equipment and current methods of restoration in order to keep their IICRC certification. Following the instructional course, all technicians must take a standardized test and receive a passing grade before receiving their certificate.

Why is IICRC Important: An IICRC certification is important because it helps to showcase a high level of standard in the restoration and cleaning industry, which lets customers know which brands they can trust to professionally compete their services. While many other industries require different certifications in order to operate, certain aspects of the cleaning and restoration industry do not —which can be potentially problematic on complex restoration jobs. Therefore, the reason why an IICRC certification is important is because it more or less ensures that a job will be done well. When restoring or cleaning your home, it’s always important to trust someone certified to complete complex tasks.

When considering which cleaning or restoration service to select for your property, a company or technician with an IICRC certification is always a secure choice, as they have been previously verified to provide excellent services. Don’t waste your time researching companies who can’t guarantee a job well-done —instead, choose only the best for you and your property!