Keeping your house safe from fire is something that should be at the forefront of every homeowner’s mind. Consider implementing these fire safety and prevention tips in your own house to secure you and your family’s well-being.


Smoke alarms should be installed on every floor of your house, most importantly inside bedrooms and outside of any sleeping areas. That means that your child’s bedroom should have a smoke alarm installed, while your half bathroom might not require it. Smoke alarms should also be routinely tested. Once a month is a good start to ensuring home fire safety. If any smoke alarm batteries have died, replace them immediately.


A great, simple fire safety tip for your home and your family is to plan a fire escape route in case something does happen. While hopefully, the plan will never actually need to be put into place, having a clear idea of what to do in a panicked situation will help all members of your family safely exit the premises. Try practicing the plan once or twice a year to help commit it to memory.


A deceivingly safe source of fires, candles are one of the highest causes for fires within the home. When candles are lit inside the house, make sure that they are secured stored in a place where children and pets do not have easy access. Keep candles away from anything flammable, so that the flame does not reach the material and catch fire. If you are using candles as a light source, such as in a time of power outage, consider stocking your home with battery powdered flashlights instead.


It can be tempting to briefly leave your pan on the stovetop while you run into another room. However, all it takes is a single moment for a fire to start. Any open flame in the kitchen should be watched vigilantly. Pay extra attention to loose rags and packaging, any flammable oils, and young children who have not been properly trained on how to handle flames and cooking.


Keep your gasoline somewhere with a little distance from your house, if possible. This will cut down on any potential chance of igniting a fire with this highly flammable material. If you cannot leave your gasoline in a location away from your house, such as an outdoor shed, consider investing in a container specifically approved for storing gasoline.

PLACE GRILLS PROPERLYIn the hot summer months, keep you and your family safe by ensuring that your grills, cookers, and fryers are all stored in a safe location. That means that you should leave at least around three feet of distance from your house, or any flammable bushes and shrubs, to the cooking equipment. That way, in case of an accident, a fire will not spread quickly and will hopefully give you time to contain the flames. When cooking outdoors, consider having a hand-held fire extinguisher nearby just in case it becomes necessary.

House fire can be one of the most traumatizing events for homeowners. From property damages to emotional distress, it really can be really difficult to deal with. It’s always better to take preventive measures in order to avoid this from happening. However, it’s also best to keep important contacts handy in case anything happens. A quick response is crucial after a home or business fire. In many cases, quick action can help mitigate losses. Pro4mance will be there to board up and secure your property quickly. Call Pro4mance Fire and Water Restoration Services at (812) 248-0444 anytime!