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Properly installed siding protects the walls and foundation of your building. It also boosts the building’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. If your siding doesn’t deliver these benefits, Pro4Mance Roofing Division can restore your building with custom siding repair and replacement services.

Regardless of the size or complexity of a siding project, we deliver superb results and 100% customer satisfaction. As the leading siding installation contractor in Louisville Metro, Lexington and Southern Indiana area, we deliver exceptional results at affordable prices.

Call us about your project, and we’ll recommend solutions that fit your practical and aesthetic goals, as well as your budget.

Siding Repair and Replacement

Get professional repair services as soon as you notice a problem with your building’s siding. If you wait, the problem may worsen and compromise other parts of your building. Avoid more expensive repairs by calling us to fix the issue early.

Signs that your siding needs repair include:


Physical damage to siding may happen as a result of extreme weather, accidents, or pest infestation. Regardless of the cause, we can fix or replace it.

Peeling or Cracking

Extreme temperatures and harsh sunlight can cause cracks in your siding. It can also lead to peeling or fading paint, which will lower the overall curb appeal of your building.

Water or Moisture Damage

If you notice rot, water stains, mold, or fungus on your siding, that means your siding has a leak. Depending on the siding material, other signs of water damage include rust, warping, or swelling.

Rising Energy Bills

While well-installed siding increases a building’s energy-efficiency, gaps or holes in the siding reduce your building’s insulation and lead to higher heating and cooling costs.

We offer long-lasting and cost-effective repair solutions to keep your energy costs low. If you have extensive damage to your siding that we can’t repair, we provide you with replacement options that boost the beauty and performance of your building.

What’s the Best Siding Option?

You can choose from several siding options according to your budget, building type, and desired aesthetic. Popular options include:

Vinyl Siding

Many homeowners choose vinyl siding for their durability and affordability. They use PVC, a weather-resistant material that resists fading. Vinyl siding’s low maintenance makes it attractive for home and business owners, and it comes in various colors and styles, including options that mimic stone, wood, and slate.

Unfortunately, once you install it, you can’t repaint it, so unless you want to replace your siding, make sure you like the color you choose.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum sidings are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and durable. Since aluminum siding resists rust, rot, and mold, it requires minimal maintenance.

On the downside, aluminum siding gets noisy in heavy rain or wind. Plus, dents or scratches in aluminum siding can be challenging to fix.

Wood Siding

Wood siding options have existed for years, though they usually require extensive maintenance. Fortunately, recent innovations have created engineered wood siding options. Engineered wood siding looks and feels like real wood but offers higher durability and requires less maintenance.

Depending on the manufacturer, you can get engineered wood siding with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can also get it in various color options to achieve your desired aesthetic. However, without properly treated siding, moisture or pest problems may arise.

Fiber Cement Siding

Over the years, fiber cement siding has proven capable of withstanding strong winds, hail, and other harsh weather conditions. It’s thicker than vinyl and requires less maintenance. It can also be repainted to any color to update the look of your building.

Fiber cement siding is expensive, but when you consider the product’s lifespan and warranty, it can make a worthy investment.

Choosing the Best Siding

The best siding for your building will offer features to satisfy your unique needs. To find the right siding, compare aesthetics, durability, price, water-resistance, and energy-efficiency between available siding options.

If you still can’t pick one after comparing your options, our experts are happy to provide all the information you need to make the best decision.

The Number One Siding Installation and Repair Company in Louisville Metro, Lexington and Southern Indiana

At Pro4Mance Roofing Division, we prioritize customer satisfaction and convenience. That’s why we offer bespoke solutions and make contacting us for services simple.

We use only the best materials from leading manufacturers, such as CertainTeed, James Hardy, Mastic, and LP Board/Pacific. Although we deliver top-quality services with high-end materials, we keep our services affordable by providing you with options that suit your budget.

Call today for a free quote and ask us how we can improve the look and function of your siding.


Pro4mance Roofing Division offers an industry-leading selection of low-maintenance siding that create beautiful, timeless looks that last.


Vinyl Siding-

We use Certainteed the number 1 rated brand in Vinyl Siding.
Allow the Pro4mance professionals to install vinyl siding in your choice of styles and colors. We can help you choose the right siding and accessories to beautify your home all while bringing years of maintenance free enjoyment.


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