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Your home protects you from the elements, and your roof shields the rest of the house. Roofs are designed to channel rain and snow away from your home’s walls and foundations, protecting the entire building from water damage. When storms batter your home’s roof, call Pro4mance – Roofing Division for dependable roof repair in Louisville Metro, Lexington and Southern Indiana.

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Warning Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

Climbing up onto a roof to check for storm damage is a frightening prospect for many. Thankfully, it is possible to see whether or not your roof took damage in a recent storm without risking a fall. If you notice any of the following warning signs, contact Pro4mance – Roofing Division for assistance with roof repair.

Damage To Other Outdoor Items
Anything sitting outside during a storm faces the same damage risk as your roof. If you find new dents in your car or tree limbs in the yard after a storm, your roof is likely worse for wear too.

Clogged or Leaking Gutters
Gutters exist to whisk water away from your home and its foundation. When your gutters are not working correctly, your whole house is at risk for water damage.

Shingle Granules on the Ground
Granules protect asphalt shingles from sun damage and increase their water resistance, so they are not something you want to see on your outdoor surfaces or lawn rather than the roof. Shed granules are a sure sign your roof is damaged.

Broken or Missing Shingles
Every shingle counts, and they need to be whole to do their job. Differences in coloration where parts of shingles are newly exposed mean you can check for missing or broken shingles from the ground. Anywhere you see one spot that’s darker than the rest indicates a damaged or missing shingle.

Dampness or Leaks Indoors
Roof damage means leaks. Contain the water leaking in during the storm, but make sure you do not forget it once the sun returns. Repairing the leak’s source is necessary to prevent further water damage and mold and mildew growth.

How Can Storms Cause the Need for Roof Repair?

The potential for tornadoes damaging a home is obvious, but most storms cause damage through wind, rain, snow, and hail. If an engineer designed your roof to protect your home from wind and water, how do storms damage it? Several factors play into your roof’s risk of sustaining storm damage.

Type of Storm

Different types of storms can cause roof damage in several ways, though most come down to how the storms move water and the wind. Preexisting but unnoticed damage to shingles increases the risk of water seeping in or wind lifting individual shingles. Hail creates impact damage capable of scraping the granules from asphalt shingles or breaking the shingles.

General Climate

The more frequently your area experiences storms, the higher your risk of storm damage to your roof. Previous wear to a few shingles increases the chance of additional damage or shingles blowing off your roof altogether. Plus, wet winters with temperatures consistently below freezing compound potential water damage due to water’s tendency to expand as it freezes.

The Roof’s Age

The normal aging process of some roofing materials increases their risk of damage over time. Asphalt shingles, one of the most common roofing materials, start to curl as they age. This curling lifts part of the shingle, creating a small gap where water and wind can enter.

Typical Maintenance Performed

Consistent maintenance of your roof and gutters helps protect your roof from storm damage. Checking your roof for damaged shingles several times a year and after heavy storms enables you to locate and correct issues before more damage occurs. Cleaning and maintaining your gutter system keeps it working properly and prevents water backup that can damage your roof’s edges.

Trees Near the Home

Trees growing too close to your home increases your risk of storm damage in a few different ways. Wind can beat tree limbs against the roof, damaging it, or a limb can break and fall onto the roof. Lightning is attracted to the highest point nearby, so a tall tree standing near your home increases the chance of close lightning strikes and the fires they can spark.

Quick and Reliable Roof Repair

Pro4mance – Roofing Division has served the Louisville Metro, Lexington and Southern Indiana area for more than 25 years. We know our products and the area’s climate. Let us use our experience to make your roof as good as new.

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Storm Damage Roof Repair in Louisville Metro, Lexington and Southern Indiana

Storm Damage Roof Repair in Louisville Metro, Lexington and Southern Indiana

If you believe your roof has been damaged by wind, hail, fallen trees or ice, give Pro4mance Roofing a call and we will give you a “Fast Free Evaluation”. Then our expert team we will work with your insurance company to make sure you get the get the proper roof repairs your deserve.

Which type of Roof is right for you?

Shingled Roofs:

Asphalt shingles offer a variety of colors and style choices, while being one of the most affordable options for homeowners.

3-tab Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles: A Reliable Traditional Roofing Material and Look

Architectural / Dimensional / Laminate Shingles: The most prevalent asphalt shingles. These products are manufactured with two or more layers of asphalt that are fused together for a thicker and richer multi-dimensional appearance, and are engineered to replicate the wood shake and natural slate roofing aesthetics.

Luxury Shingles: The highest-quality laminated shingles available, offering a differentiated appearance or functionality that outclasses that of dimensional shingles. Apart from being shingle ‘heavyweights’ that offer premium protection for weathering, luxury shingles are stunning to look upon, presenting the highest quality, coloration, and dimensionality. These products offer the most realistic representation of the old-world wood shake and quarried slate roofing.

Metal Roofs:

A metal roof can make an ordinary home extraordinary. Metal roofing from can give your home the authentic look, design and natural detail of real wood shake, quarried slate, or traditional clay tile roofing, with performance that’s stronger than steel.


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