Fire Damage in Middletown, KY

Fire damage can cause some of the most devastating loss that a homeowner can experience. We understand, and that is why our team at Pro4mance will help you resume your normal life. An accidental fire can happen to anyone, even in the delightful town of Middletown, Kentucky. If a fire occurs in your home, call Pro4mance.

We have a fully equipped team that understands the devastation that fire and smoke damage can cause. From our team that will clean smoke residue to the Project Manager who will oversee the construction and repairs, every team member fully understands the level of detail involved. We will all do our best to help you get your life back.

What NOT to Do After a Fire

Do not wash walls, any painted surfaces, carpet, or upholstery.
○ Leave the house cleaning and restoration to the professionals.
Do not consume any food or beverages that were stored near the fire, heat, or water.
○ Such food and beverages may not be safe for consumption.
Do not turn on any ceiling lights, fans, or other fixtures if the ceiling is wet.
○ Safety first. Water and electricity are never a good mix, especially if there is a chance that the fire damaged any wiring.
Do not send any clothing to a regular dry cleaner.
○ If not properly cleaned, the smell of smoke may get permanently embedded in your clothes. Let our team at Pro4mance do the cleaning for you.

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What to do After a Fire

Until Help Arrives
○ Get to a safe area. Do not enter the property again until the local Middletown fire department tells you that it is safe again.
○ Call your insurance as soon as possible. Your insurance may be able to find you a temporary shelter.
Safety Comes First
○ Make sure you do not enter the building again until it is safe.
○ When in the building, be aware of fallen or broken wires.
○ Wet material is heavier than dry material. Avoid lifting wet or otherwise heavy materials if you can.
○ If you must enter the building before it has been cleaned:
■ Ensure that you are wearing clothing that will protect you from potential injuries.
■ Cover any upholstery and frequently walked areas with clean linens or towels.
■ If your hands have soot on them, be sure to avoid touching the walls, any wood, or upholstery.
■ If the building has no electricity, empty the freezer and fridge, and prop open the doors and windows.
■ If you have houseplants, clean both sides of their leaves. If they are not burned and if they are cleaned, they should survive.
■ While in the building, stay where you are if you do not have to move. This will prevent soot from becoming embedded in the rugs, carpets, and upholstery.
Call Your Insurance Company
○ After you have left the building and after you have called the Middletown fire department, call your insurance company. Tell them about the fire. The insurance company should then send out an agent to assess the damage from the fire.
○ Assist your insurance agent by taking pictures of your important items throughout each step of the restoration and cleanup process.
Contact Pro4mance
○ Finally, you should waste no time in contacting Pro4mance. Quick action can often decrease the amount of final damage.
○ We will arrive within four hours of your call. Upon arrival, our team will get to work boarding up and securing your house. We will then move your belongings to our warehouse, where they will be inventoried, expertly cleaned, and stored. We will estimate the scope of your claim using Xactimate, the same software that many insurance companies use.
○ Lastly, your Pro4mance project manager will work with you and your insurance adjuster to get your home back to normal as swiftly as possible.

Why Choose Pro4mance for Your Fire Restoration Needs?

Speedy Response
We waste no time coming to your aid. A speedy response is essential in decreasing the final damage.

Professional Technicians
Our team of fire damage restoration technicians has excellent experience in restoring properties to normal.

Expert Advice
Homeowners may have trouble assessing the magnitude of the damage. Our experts will work with you to determine where to start and where to go for a complete restoration.

Pro4mance: Reliable Fire Damage Restoration in Middletown, Kentucky

When disaster strikes, a quick, professional, affordable response is required to restore your property.

Pro4mance provides that required quick, professional, affordable response. Contact Pro4mance if you need fire damage restoration in Middletown, Kentucky.

Pro4mance is a full service restoration contractor in Middletown, KY.

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