Media Blasting

Pro4mance Fire and Water Restoration is proud to offer Media blasting to our arsenal of cleaning technologies. Media blasting is a ecologically friendly way to clean surface’s. With our tried and proven process of media blasting, we have a good success rate of removing paint, mold, soot, and smoke from the most sensitive materials, such as but not limited to: wood, glass, stone, brick, and all metals at a rate unmatched by any other process. Our process leaves the surface fresh and clean. The media blasting machine uses compressed air to deliver the recommended type of media onto the surface to be cleaned.

Media blasting can be non-destructive depending on the type of media used. Similar in concept to sand blasting, media blasting with soda is much kinder and gentler to the underlying surface and the environment.

Just one more investment in ensuring that your fire cleaning job is done professionally using the best method possible.